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Watch what real people are saying about the Teslas Starhenge phenomenon.

The testimonials here refer to using Essential Oils combined with a Teslas Starhenge experience. Using Essential Oils inside the Teslas Starhenge is optional.

The Teslas Starhenge uses Teslas Plates in a specially configured alignment to give you a unique energetic experience unlike anything else on the planet. Some have compared it to being inside the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid.

As the High Priests in Egypt found that Essential Oils enhanced their experiences in the pyramids and in their ceremonies, we offer similar opportunity for you to anoint yourself with Young Living Essential Oils™ prior to entering the Teslas Starhenge to take your experience to the next level.

Individual Sessions with Young Living Essential Oils

Henry Clark - Spiritual Enhancement
Spiritual Enhancement
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Heart Quest Results

A Message from Michele R.

To those who are searching,

Hi Chris. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to experience a session in the Tesla Starhenge and associated Heart Quest readings. The Heart Quest machine ♥ is a fantastic tool for the layman to see at first hand, the before and after baselines of a Tesla Starhenge session.
I found the information it provided to be of great value as l was able to see the direction in which to go to improve my health.l realised that balance in all my parts-mental,physical, emotional and spiritual is needed to achieve true health. lt was great to have this starting point.
I find stress is such a big part of our lives these days and we just seem to push through as best we can so it was really helpful to see firsthand the damage this can do and be shown some simple steps we can choose to implement to help balance ourselves more.
The session in the Tesla Starhenge was a beautiful, enlightening and calming experience. I felt totally at peace and the energy around me felt like the biggest, warmest hug. l know that sounds a little strange but it's truly how it felt to me......

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