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Hi Chris. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to experience a session in the Tesla Starhenge and associated Heart Quest readings.  The Heart Quest machine ♥ is a fantastic tool for the layman to see at first hand, the before and after baselines of a Tesla Starhenge session.

I found the information it provided to be of great value as l was able to see the direction in which to go to improve my health.l realised that balance in all my parts-mental,physical, emotional and spiritual is needed to achieve true health. lt was great to have this starting point .

I find stress is such a big part of our lives these days and we just seem to push through as best we can so it was really helpful to see firsthand the damage this can do and be shown some simple steps we can choose to implement to help balance ourselves more.

The session in the Tesla Starhenge  was a beautiful, enlightening and calming experience. I felt totally at peace and the energy around me felt like the biggest, warmest hug. l know  that sounds a little strange but it's truly how it felt to me.

It was a very nurturing experience and in today's fast paced world, l think its something a lot of people would enjoy and benefit from.

Thank you too, for sharing  your immense knowledge on so many holistic levels.This information will be very helpful and empowering in my quest to improve my health ...
...And it didn't end there..!!

Over the following days after my session l noticed a continuing energy shift in me and that inspired me to keep moving forward. For me personally, that meant confronting the changes l knew l needed to make but until now, didn't have the knowledge, strength or incite  to implement. ....and now those changes don't seem to be so hard..!!...and the overwhelming feelings of "where to start !!!!??" are no longer holding me back.

One very interesting improvement that was very visual (if u will pardon the pun ) was that l saw a change in the colour of my eyes on day two.They were clearer ,especially on the outside of my left iris. lt was like a chunk of sludge had cleared ,which would suggest to me that the corresponding organs are working better.That alone ,was a wonderful outcome and has inspired me to continue my journey.

I'd also like to thank you for your caring follow up and support after the session.
That doesn't happen very often these days and it was a pleasant surprise. It was very helpful to be able to have all my new questions answered.

It has been such a wonderful experience... Truly life changing... But at just the right pace for me to cope with and feel empowered and in control .

Now l feel l'm ready for the next step and look forward to seeing where my next session will take me .
With thanks and kind regards MKR 


For more information call Christopher Lewin on
+61 (0)409 055 816 or +61 (0)7 5494 2155 ext.1

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