What it Does

The Short answer is that it provides an incredible experience of energy supporting you on all levels of Energy, Frequency and vibration. This in turn helps you to remove the energy blockages that are holding you back in all areas of your life. Many say the experience is very nurturing, supportive and centering.

Now for the long answer:

Remove Energy Blockages from the Meridian Energy System


For thousands of years the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and many other cultures have written and talked about an energy system that exists within us. They also made many references to a source of energy that exists external to us. These internal systems have been referred to as the Meridian energy system, Chakras, Chi, Light etc.
Today there is so much information to prove that we are made up of atoms and atoms are energy.....

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How it works

Human beings are amazing creatures capable of so much with an incredible operating system that many know so little about, let me ask you a question. The power source to run your body where does it come from?

Most people who study the body say the mitochondria in our cells. But where does the mitochondria receive its power from?
From the food we eat? But the food we eat only maintains the level of energy we currently have.

99% of theories on human energy only look at it from an internal point of view. If this view is maintained we will never understand how life works or the true ramifications of being able to heal ourselves, other life forms or the planet.

When this subject is looked from all angles our levels of understanding and the potential it unlocks will create a world we have only ever dreamed of....

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