The Gate Keepers

The Gate Keepers are Special People who have The Teslas Starhenge. Their role is to help take people through a journey of self realization and enlightenment.

Introducing Vicki Bryce of Dimensionally Divine

Self Realisation and Enlightenment - Tesla Starhenge Gatekeepers - Introducing Vicki Bryce of Dimensionally Divine.

Contact a Gate Keeper

Queensland, Australia

El Divino Light Chamber
Bundaberg 4670
Tel: 07 4159 0821
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Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Bart  at El Divino Light Chamber, Bundaberg

Vicki Bryce
Dimensionally Divine Tesla's Starhenge
Landsborough 4550
Tel: 0409 488 742
Click to Message Vicki

Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Vicki Bryce at Dimensionally Divine Tesla's Starhenge, Landsborough

Wendy Kropf
Vital Vibrations Light Chamber
Gold Coast
Tel: 0415555020
Click to Message Wendy

Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Wendy Kropf at Vital Vibrations Light Chamber, Gold Coast

New South Wales, Australia

Vanessa Morton
Tesla's Starhenge Dorrigo
Dorrigo 2453
Tel: 02 6657 5188
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Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Vanessa Morton at Tesla's Starhenge Dorrigo, Dorrigo

Marion Rajic
The Energy Clinic Tesla's Starhenge

Tel: 0418 240 065
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Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Marion Rajic at The Energy Clinic Tesla's Starhenge,

Victoria, Australia

Yvette Devries
Tesla's Starhenge Geelong
Geelong 3220
Tel: 0419 709 926
Click to Message Yvette

Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Yvette Devries at Tesla's Starhenge Geelong, Geelong

Antoinette Hillis
Safety Beach Light Chamber
Melbourne 3936
Tel: 0359 810 984
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Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Antoinette Hillis at Safety Beach Light Chamber, Melbourne

Illinois, USA

Dorothy Nonman
Starhenge Sidney Illinois
Tel: 217 688 9408
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Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Dorothy Nonman at Starhenge Sidney Illinois, Sidney

Dorothy Nonman
Light Chamber Sidney Illinois
Tel: 217 688 9408
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Tesla's Starhenge Gatekeeper Dorothy Nonman at Light Chamber Sidney Illinois, Sidney

What is a Remote Session?

The Teslas Starhenge and Light Chamber have the ability to work with Energy, Frequency and Vibrational Healing at Long Distances.
The Teslas Starhenge and Light Chamber direct their unique Neutrino’s at in-person and at a distance, remotely.  Its extra-sensory faculties are amplified by placing a personal physical item such as hair and a photograph of the person or animal in the centre of the device. A snippet of hair from the person or animal acts as an antenna and is the link between the Teslas Starhenge or Light Chamber and the individual.

Read more about Remote Sessions in the Teslas Starhenge and Light Chamber >

What to do before a Teslas Starhenge or Light Chamber visit.  It is a good idea to make a note of your present state of health and thinking patterns so that you can compare them after your remote sessions.

Adding a Heart Quest Session before and after your visit. Many Gate Keepers have a Heart Quest software system and this gives you a printout allowing you to track your progress.

How do I find a Teslas Starhenge or Light Chamber near me? To find a Gate Keeper please view the list above. If you know someone you think would be interested in becoming a Gate Keeper please refer them to our website.  

Cure to all ills? Is the Teslas Starhenge or Light Chamber going to fix everything? No. But it may help you to change the way you think, and you may find it helpful balancing your energy patterns with addictions, emotional issues and other things you don’t know you have.

For more information contact a Gate Keeper or call Christopher Lewin on
+61 (0)409 055 816 or +61 (0)7 5494 2155 ext.1

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