The Starhenge Story

Scalar Energy and Magnetic Scalar Waves - the Story of Teslas Starhenge

Have you ever wondered why when you think of a person whom you know, they sometimes know you are thinking about them? The phone rings, you answer and say I was just thinking about you. This is scalar energy at work in your DNA. The nature of the double helix strands of DNA with the pyrimidine rings (4C and 2N atoms) that form at the four bases of the strands are responsible for the forming of magnetic scalar waves that transmit our thoughts throughout the universe and make it possible for us to receive information as well. The thing with scalar waves is that they are fully capable of sending back very clear and precise information when they reach the designated destination.

Scalar energy operates much faster than the speed of light and transmits both energy and information. Our DNA operates with the principle of Scalar energy and is the reason why our thoughts can be transmitted to others as well as our ability to receive thoughts from other people regardless of the distance. This also explains why long distance healing is possible....

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