What it Does

The Short answer is that it provides an incredible experience of energy supporting you on all levels of Human Energy Fields, Frequency and vibration. This in turn helps you to shift through the blockages that are holding you back in all areas of your life. Many say the experience is very nurturing, supportive and centering.

Now for the long answer:


For thousands of years the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and many other cultures have written and talked about an energy system that exists within us. They also made many references to a source of energy that exists external to us. These internal systems have been referred to as the Meridians, Chakras, Chi, Light etc.
Today there is so much information to prove that we are made up of atoms and atoms are energy.

In the 1960s Dr Harold Burr wrote a book called Blueprint for Immortality – the electrical patterns of life. This book was full of wonderful insights into how the polarity (positive and negative) of human energy fields, plays a big part to our wellness. He found that all the information that formed in the energy field around us revealed who we would be at birth and grow into as adults. He also found for our body and organs to function properly they needed to be in a positive polarity. For example in his book he talked about how over 900 woman were tested and found to have a negative polarity in the uterus area. 96% of these woman had some form of disease or cancer in this region.
They found that in some of the more severe cases if a hysterectomy was performed the region would return to a positive polarity and be in health. This theory applies to our whole being, thus it is important for our systems to be in the correct polarity. I am not advocating to cut parts of our bodies out to correct the energy flow. There is a much easier way to do this and it does not require surgery.

Nikola Tesla said if we want to understand the Universe we need to understand Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

The application of this looks like: Energy sets the frequency patterns in play this intern creates the vibrations which are then interpreted by the DNA keyboard that then sends the information via scalar waves throughout the body and beyond. This process can work both ways in the case of information be transmitted to us it can work in the reverse process.

To clarify this process let us break this down into categories:
First we have energy, there are many types of energy from thought, photons, neutrinos, colour, sound, cosmic waves etc. All of these create frequencies. Frequencies come in many different wave lengths which can be measured. These frequencies create Vibrations that can be interpreted that set our lives in patterns.

The Teslas Starhenge intensifies Neutrinos to create an intense energy bath that harmonises the frequencies of the individual who is sitting in it. This intern balances the vibrations back to one’s Blue Print. If one is willing to let go of their preconceived ideas of life and to surrender to the Divine Blue Print of their life rapid change can take place whilst sitting in the Teslas Starhenge.


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