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Human beings are amazing creatures capable of so much with an incredible operating system that many know so little about, let me ask you a question. The power source to run your body where does it come from?

Most people who study the body say the mitochondria in our cells. But where does the mitochondria receive its power from?
From the food we eat? But the food we eat only maintains the level of energy we currently have.

99% of theories on human energy only look at it from an internal point of view. If this view is maintained we will never understand how life works or the true ramifications of being able to heal ourselves, other life forms or the planet.

When this subject is looked from all angles our levels of understanding and the potential it unlocks will create a world we have only ever dreamed of.

My belief is that our energy source is 100% external, much like a wireless mouse that needs to be recharged by being placing it onto a docking station to recharge, except we don’t need a docking station we only need to sleep to access the main source.

With our energy source being 100% external there has to be an internal energy system that runs our body on a day to day basis. This internal energy system is recharged from the external source and the quality of the charge is determined by the health of your cells and their capacity to hold the charge. Each cell is capable of holding 6 Gigabytes of information and for that information to transmit and receive a good solid power source is needed.

This external energy source has the capacity to transmit information. This information when interpreted by our operating system, is integrating and has bearing on how we live. When this external source is interrupted or experiences distortion it will affect our operating system and cause disruptive behaviour.

Recharging of our energy system is maximized when we sleep due to the shutting down of our conscious brain while a sleep. This is why power napping works so well for many people. Meditation also creates a situation of semi consciousness and gives us the opportunity to direct the external energy source into our bodies as well as interact with the information it carries. With practice one will also learn how to utilize the external energy source’s capacity to carry information from the thoughts that you generate to specific targets and receiving thought information back again. Some call this telepathy.

At this point you might be asking for the science to be able to prove my theory. For humans this science began over 115 years ago. The reason I say for humans is this: we are a very minute part in a big universe which has many secrets that are understood by beings that are way above our pay grade and they have long known about the science that makes life tick. Science is only just beginning to understand the smallest amount of this information.

In 1898 Nikola Tesla the inventor of AC electricity wanted to find an alternative to AC electricity. By 1899 he had built a tower in Colorado Springs that tapped into the external energy source. To prove he had done exactly that he went 40 kilometres from the tower and placed 200 light bulbs in the ground and they all lit up. Tesla had worked out how to utilize the neutrino energy in the universe and the scalar energy that is available due to the neutrinos.

It has taken over 100 years to catch up with Tesla and his experiments. Scientists have found that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light as well as traveling slower than the speed of light. Tesla also knew that neutrinos are intelligent and knew where they were to go this reflected the speed they travelled at.

In an article by Ben Coxworth in September 23, 2011 it was reported that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light:
“The idea of matter travelling faster than light may no longer be limited to the realm of science fiction, as scientists have reported observing neutrinos doing exactly that (Photo: Osvaldo Gon)

According to Einstein’s restricted theory of relativity, nothing can travel faster than light in a vacuum. Up until today, that had pretty much seemed to be the case, too. Early this morning, however, researchers from the Geneva-based OPERA project announced that the results from one of their recent experiments indicate that neutrinos can in fact outrun light particles.

Neutrinos are electrically-neutral subatomic particles, with almost no mass. The OPERA project has been studying the characteristics of a neutrino beam that is generated by the CERN accelerators in Geneva, Switzerland, and detected when it arrives 730 kilometres (454 miles) to the south at an underground laboratory in Gran Sasso, Italy. It takes photons (light particles) 2.4 milliseconds to make the trip. When neutrinos were tested, however, they reached Gran Sasso 60 nanoseconds sooner - this amounts to them traveling 20 parts per million faster than the speed of light.

The scientists are stymied by the results. “This outcome is totally unexpected,” stated CERN spokesperson Antonio Ereditato. “Months of research and verifications have not been sufficient to identify an instrumental effect that could explain the result of our measurements. If the observations are in fact accurate, the implications for the world of physics will be staggering.”

In the book Human Design by Lynda Bunnell she discusses the following comment by the founder of Human Design Robert Krakower also known as Ra and his comments that he made about neutrinos:
“During Ra’s experience he learned that neutrinos were capable of leaving an imprint, which meant that neutrinos were particles carrying mass. This had not been proven by science yet."

At first scientists thought these subatomic particles (neutrinos) streaming through space were pure energy like the photon, but since they travel 1 to 2 percent slower than the speed of light, they could not be pure energy. This first prediction was scientifically proven 11 years later. By 1998, scientists had proven that the largest of these unusual and barely detectable particles bear an infinitesimal amount of mass: about one-millionth the weight of one proton. Having mass allows neutrinos to carry information, yet they are small enough to pass through any atomic barrier without resistance.

These tiny cosmic messengers are referred to as the breath of stars, the exhaled energy of stellar fusion, and there are more of them than anything else in the universe. Three trillion neutrinos, and the material information they carry, pass through every square inch of our planet — and us — every second. Our Sun, which is the closest star to Earth, produces about 70 percent of all the neutrinos that travel through our solar system. The remaining 30 percent are emitted by other stars in our Milky Way Galaxy, and a small percentage are from the planet Jupiter.

Neutrinos could be regarded as the modern equivalent of what the ancients called chi or prana. These extraordinary particles are penetrating us with bits of information all the time, which mean we live and move through a vast, continuous and inescapable information field.” (page 20)

There is also something else about neutrinos and that is their two way intelligence. This intelligence has the ability to be directed as well as direct the flow of its own energy via frequencies and the colour associated with those frequencies. Photons also interact with colour and the frequencies associated with colour. These frequencies dictate gravity as well as the growth and maintenance of life.

Recently I created a technology utilizing Teslas discoveries that enabled me to create an intense neutrino bath. It is called Teslas Starhenge. Once inside this technology you have the ability to direct neutrino energy throughout the body or just let it do what it knows best. You will notice a large shift in consciousness, it feels like another dimension.

After doing some assessments with the Heart Quest Technology which looks at 300 beats of the pulse and analysis of the fractal dynamics of the heart a wide variety of information on the internal energy systems of the body can be found. I took a before and after reading which equated to 25 minutes in the intense neutrino bath of the Teslas Starhenge and the results were amazing and I felt amazing. I have not seen such a lift in energy fields in all previous assessments that I have done with various therapies. I was able to repeat these results with a number of test clients.

This is a very complex subject to explain - how the flow of our source energy interacts with our internal energy system. When it is understood and applied in a practical way, this knowledge will bring about a new and more acceptable way of healing, one that is non-invasive. One more integrative and harmonious with human life.


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