The Starhenge Story

Have you ever wondered why when you think of a person whom you know, they sometimes know you are thinking about them? The phone rings, you answer and say I was just thinking about you. This is scalar energy at work in your DNA. The nature of the double helix strands of DNA with the pyrimidine rings (4C and 2N atoms) that form at the four bases of the strands are responsible for the forming of magnetic scalar waves that transmit our thoughts throughout the universe and make it possible for us to receive information as well. The thing with scalar waves is that they are fully capable of sending back very clear and precise information when they reach the designated destination.

Scalar energy operates much faster than the speed of light and transmits both energy and information. Our DNA operates with the principle of Scalar energy and is the reason why our thoughts can be transmitted to others as well as our ability to receive thoughts from other people regardless of the distance. This also explains why long distance healing is possible.

It is interesting to note that Scalar energy was first discovered by Nikola Tesla when he was looking for an alternative to AC current. He discovered how to transmit energy through the air and earth wirelessly. To prove this he built a tower at Colorado Springs in 1899 that tapped into the earth’s energy and the energy in the ether. He started to transmit the energy and then went 40 kilometres away and placed 200 light bulbs in the ground and they all lit up.

Tesla also realized that humans were powered the same way, that is to say our main source of energy for our cells came from without via scalar waves. This opened a great deal of understanding to the basis of sickness, disease and the ability to have good health. He also realized that there are many different things that could interfere with that energy flow into our being. AC current being one of them. Today there are many sources like blue tooth, Wi Fi, microwaves, mobile phone towers, transformers, overhead power lines, etc. that are interfering with the way energy flows into and out of us.

In order to address this Tesla created a device called a Multi-Wave Oscillator. When a person sat next to this device it would give them the full range of frequencies necessary to balance the cells and restore the correct flow of energy. This would help a person to heal much faster. Results recorded in hospitals that used this device before the Second World War showed that the Multi-Wave Oscillator speeded up the healing process in the most amazing way. Skin cancers for example, would heal within six to 12 weeks.

The Multi-Wave Oscillator was capable of utilizing many frequencies that were a direct result of scalar and neutrino energy that is flowing in the very air we breathe. Six months before Tesla died he gave the plans for a device to Ralph Burgstressor a young physicist in the US Air force. This device when made would change the molecular structure of metal. This would then make the new metal act as a transceiver receiving and delivering frequencies from the central sun of our galaxy and our earth. This in turn would bring balance to the surrounds of where the transformed metal would be.

Today there are a number of different tesla plates designed to address various energies that need balancing in our lives, homes, work and the surrounds we live in.

In March 2013 I set out to make a formation of tesla plates that would work similar to Teslas Multi-Wave Oscillator. After a year of development and testing the various results I settled on a formation of 49 different Tesla plates that worked within 3, 6 and 9 formations, as this is what Tesla had described as the secret to life. This structure is named the Universal Multi-dimensional Oscillator. UMDO for short. No electricity is needed for this to work. Bringing people to a centered position in their lives has been great to watch. As the old saying goes: “if you want to change your life you have to change the way you think.” To change the way you think requires an energy to set the frequencies in place that intern set new vibrations in place, thus creating new thoughts. The UMDO does exactly this.

The results have been amazing and one that needs to be experienced. Today the UMDO is part of the Lifestyle Energy Transformation System because of its ability to work both without and within the body’s electrical systems.

After further research into neutrinos and scalar energy the thought came to me that a double layered version would create an intense neutrino bath of energy that would be ten times as intense as the UMDO and would bring about rapid change. I completed this project in July 2014 and named it Teslas Starhenge – Gateway to Infinity. It has been everything I expected and more.

I have now began the testing phase with Ten subjects who will have five visits each with readings of the Heart Quest before and after. I look forward to sharing the results with you in the months ahead.


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